Who we are.

Our organization began by dedicating itself to leisure in social and cultural activities, and over the years and with the intention of responding to the needs of families and the different entities with which we provide services, they have proposed integrative and inclusive interventions, through educational leisure and social action.

The Association of Monitors and Educators of Lleida is an educational entity specialized in the management of services for leisure, sports and cultural education.

In April 2001 Mª Esther Florensa created a small entertainment group in the city of Lleida with young people who carried out leisure activities with children in different cultural and social events, later a more stable group was formed who carried out activities with families at risk of social exclusion and immigrants from the city. In 2005, the group EL PETIT MON DEL LLEURE was created, an organization that brought together different young people, monitors and educators who carried out fun activities with the city’s children. Throughout our history, the organization has mainly been available to children and young people.

In 2015, the petition and the need to donate corresponded to the families who worked, EL PETIT MOND DEL LLEURE was organized as ASSOCIACIÓ DE MONITORS I EDUCADORS DE LLEIDA, with the legal form of a non-profit association. To the extent that the entity has grown and evolved, they have also found their projects, the various demands of participants and consequently the equipment is remunerated and each time more specialized.

Our values

.The education of children, young people and adults from all areas of education and training.
.The promotion and dissemination of leisure education.
Promoting commitment and social participation, active citizenship, volunteering and strengthening the associative fabric.
.The promotion of the values of respect, coexistence and civility; cooperation and solidarity; plurality and diversity; integration and social cohesion, healthy habits; respect for the environment and sustainability, and rooting and love for the territory, the country and culture.

Our vision

Our organization aspires to guarantee the rights and equal opportunities of all members of the community, with special sensitivity to children and youth in the province of Lleida.
We want to generate change, against injustice, peace and human rights. we want and work with our community, so that children, young people and their families are the real protagonists.

Jose Antonio Blanco
M. Esther Florensa



Project manager

Omo Elisha Edosa

                                                                   IT Director

                                     Monitor children’s and youth leisure activities